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PU Tube High Quality Pneumatic Tube, Pneumatic Tube 16 * 12MM

Inner diameter: 12.0mm
Oterside diameter: 16.0mm
Thickness: 2.0 mm
Iength: 100 meters
Working pressure: 1.0MPa
Destructive pressure: 2.4~3.0MPa
Working temperature: -30~70°C
  • PU1208-100M


  • ZQ07

PU pneumatic hose product details

Product name

PU pneumatic hose
Brand Zhong Qin
material TPU 100% new material
specification 4x2.5mm, 6x4mm, 8x5mm, 10x6.5mm, 12x8mm, 14x10mm, 16x12mm.
length 200 m / roll, 100 m / roll
characteristic Smooth and flexible, good elasticity, resistance to bending, small bending radius
hardness 80A~98A
colour Transparent, orange, blue, black, or specified color.
certificate ISO9001, SGS test
life span More than 5 years
Production capacity 50000~80000 m / day

_0000_PU14X10, PU16X12 blue

Product Features

1. Made of new imported TPU raw materials, stable quality, high pressure resistance, weather resistance and wear resistance.

2. The pipe body is smooth and flexible, with good elasticity, resistance to bending, small bending radius and easy installation.

3. It does not contain plastic softener. The product can be certified by ROSH and SGS.

4. It is resistant to oxygen and ozone and has excellent aging resistance.

5. Working temperature -30 ° C ~ 70 ° C, working life of more than 5 years.

6. Adopt online diameter control system, the pipe diameter tolerance is controlled within ±0.2mm.

7. The transparent tube has high transparency and the state of the medium flow is clearly visible.

8. The color tube adopts imported weathering toner, and the color standard of the trachea produced is bright and bright, and the long-term work does not fade.

9. Can be used to assemble all kinds of pneumatic tools, pneumatic automatic machinery, air compressors and various connected pneumatic components.

10. Can be widely used in industrial, decoration industry and pneumatic supporting pipelines in various fields.



1. When the environment or fluid temperature is higher than 60 °C, please use it with caution. If the temperature is too high, the tube may be aged and cracked.

2. Use caution when the environment or fluid is highly corrosive, such as strong acid, strong alkali, or strong polar solvent. There is a risk of bursting of the trachea in a highly corrosive environment.

3. Do not store in a damp warehouse environment, or store for too long, may cause cracks due to moisture hydrolysis.

Specification model the inside diameter of Outer diameter length Work pressure Burst pressure Bending radius Operating temperature

Mm mm Mm mm mMeter Mpa (20 ° C) Mpa (20 ° C) Mm mm °C
PU0302-200M 2 3 200 1.0 3.0 15 -30~70
PU0425-200M 2.5 4 200 1.0 3.5 20
PU0503-200M 3 5 200 1.0 3.4 25
PU0604-200M 4 6 200 1.0 3.3 25
PU0805-100M 5 8 100 1.0 3.6 30
PU0855-100M 5.5 8 100 1.0 3.0 30
PU1065-100M 6.5 10 100 1.0 3.1 35
PU1208-100M 8 12 100 1.0 3.0 35
PU1410-100M 10 14 100 0.8 2.8 45
PU1612-100M 12 16 100 0.8 2.7 50
PU1/8"-200M 2 3.2 200 1.0 3.1 15
PU5/32"-200M 2.5 3.97 200 1.0 3.5 20
PU1/4"-200M 4.35 6.35 200 1.0 3.0 25
PU5/16"-100M 5 7.94 100 1.0 3.6 30
PU3/8"-100M 6.5 9.62 100 1.0 3.0 30
PU1/2"-100M 9.6 12.6 100 0.8 2.7 40

PU tube product advantage

Advantage one

Online pipe diameter control system to ensure dimensional accuracy

Picture 3

Picture 2

Advantage two

100% new material, stable quality, high pressure resistance, smooth and flexible pipe body, good elasticity, small bending radius and long service life


Advantage three

The products have passed ISO9001 certification and passed the SGS environmental protection test.

Picture 7
Picture 6

PU Tube Packaging Details: 

1. Export Standard Packing, in export cartons.   

2. Customized Packing is also available.



20-35 days after deposit received.

Our after-sale service: 


Our after-sale service: 

1. Discount on late delivery

You will get a discount if your order cannot shipped on the delivery date which is promised.

2.  Full or Partial Refund

if the products are not same as the confirmed samples, you can 

A: Return the products.

B: Get a partial refund and keep the products. 

Q: Are you trading company or manufacturer ?

A: We are factory.

Q: Do you provide samples ? is it free or extra ?

A: Yes, we would like to offer the samples free of charge, but the freight cost you need to pay by yourself.

Q :What's your delivery time ?

A : It is based on the order quantity, normally our lead time is 20~35 days.

Q:What's your payment term ?

A :  T/T, 30% deposit before production, balance before loading.

    For big order with amount more than Usd30000, we accept L/C.

For trial order with small amount less than Usd1000, we accept Paypal or cash.

Q:Do you offer OEM service?

A :  yes, we provide OEM service for our customers. 

Q:Which markets do you sell already?

A :  Japan, Indonesia, Middle East, USA, Australia etc. 


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