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What should you pay attention to when installing nylon hose?

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What should you pay attention to when installing nylon hose?

Nylon tube processing is simple, size is stable, permeability is small, resistance is very large, service life is very long, temperature resistance is good, mainly can be used for conveying compressed air, water, fuel oil, chemical solvent, liquid food, etc. Therefore, nylon tubes are widely used. The proper installation of nylon tube needs to follow certain principles, and there will be some important points to pay attention to.

Wear-resistant nylon tube

Key points to be noted for the installation and use of nylon tubes:

1.When the nylon tube is used, if the temperature is too high in the working environment, it may affect the working pressure and even cause the nylon tube to break.

2.Please do not stretch and distort the nylon tube, or it may break, detach and damage the nylon tube.

3.water or hot medium oil, please use heat-resistant pipe, otherwise, there is the possibility of aging leading to rupture.

4.do not let nylon tube friction, winding, this may lead to nylon tube rupture.

5.Please use nylon tube above the minimum bending radius.

6.The length of the piping should be left with sufficient allowance.

7.If nylon tube is open to water, use intubation. If not, nylon tube may fall off.

8.When nylon tubes are used, chemical gases in the working environment may lead to cracking of nylon tubes.

9.When the nylon tube is installed on the quick plug, the cross section of the nylon tube shall be vertical, and the outer circumference of the nylon tube shall not have a scar and cannot be an ellipse.

10.Nylon pipe drilling: drill with a drill whose outer diameter is less than or equal to 1: 3 of the rod diameter. The drilling angle is 90 °110 °and the speed is less than 400 r / min. After cooling with water or saponified oil, the drill shall continue to be drilled or expanded according to the above operating procedures.

Nylon pipes are manufactured in accordance with international standards using imported PA11,PA12 raw materials. They are solvent-resistant, carbon-hydrogen resistant, used in vacuum, air conditioning, refrigeration, vibration insulation, etc., and are normally used in the environment of-40 ℃-120 ℃.



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