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What's the use of the pvc tube in the garden?

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What's the use of the pvc tube in the garden?

With the improvement of people's living standard, the requirements for the greening degree of the surrounding environment are higher and higher, and the greening can bring beauty to people, provide fresh air, absorb the carbon dioxide to make oxygen, and also can cool the summer heat of the Yan-yan, Watering is an important part of the management of garden greening plants, and is the key to the success or failure of the maintenance.

Garden water pipe is also known as PVC hose. PVC garden water pipe outer pipe is made of high-strength polyester yarn flat woven, flat weaving relative to the general round weaving more fully use the tensile properties of polyester filament, not easy to deformation; As a result, the tensile and air pressure resistance of the finished product are improved to a great extent. For the inner tube, the factory has many years of production experience and exclusive formula, more than the general inner tube can withstand low temperature and high temperature environment, anti-cold and anti-aging ability. The characteristic of garden water pipe is that it changes the traditional mode of production and cleverly binds the inner pipe with the special glue for the external pipe, and interacts with each other, which greatly improves the performance of the pipe. And the finished product is brightly colored, Beautiful, soft texture, easy to collect, is the family, factory, landscaping irrigation ideal supplies.
 usage method
1, according to the line spacing, cut down the main belt. 2, drip irrigation belt / sprinkler belt and the main belt properly installed, the supervisor with one end connected to the leather pipe (skin pipe connected to pressure water source such as water pump). The tail closure of drip irrigation belt / sprinkler irrigation belt adopts trigonometric knots, and a small section of master tape with trigonometric knots is adopted in the closure of the tail of the master belt, or 30 centimeters of the tail of the main pipe is folded three times, and then the head sleeve of 1 / 2 centimeters is cut onto the cover of the supervisor. 3. Fertilization method: 1 through fertilizer applicator; (2) pump extraction injection directly; (3) three-purpose pressure (such as fertilizer applicator, sprayer) is injected into the supervisor belt. 4. If there are a few trickle holes accumulating impurity blockage, untie the drip irrigation belt. And can be used for keeping the humidity of the root of the crops, reducing the volatilization of water and the growth of the weeds, reducing the diseases and insect pests, hardening the ground, improving the quality and the color of the fruits and the like.
Note:1. The drip irrigation belt/ spray irrigation belt must be used at an ambient temperature of more than 0 ° C.2. The irrigation water must be filtered through a filter with more than 120 mesh.3. When the irrigation operation is carried out, the main switch of the water conveyance must be slowly opened and the rated working pressure shall be gradually reached. so as to avoid the instantaneous high pressure on the drip irrigation due to the sudden opening of the valve, Failure of the system. 4, shear drip irrigation belt / sprinkler irrigation belt should be vertical shear, shear position should be between two channels.



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