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What's the difference between nylon and pvc tubes?

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What's the difference between nylon and pvc tubes?

To understand the difference between nylon tube pvc tube, you must first understand what nylon and PVC are. PVC: Chemically known as PVC, hard PVC and soft PVC. The mechanical strength is high, and the chemical properties of vinyl chloride (code PVC) are synthetic polymers that are polymerized by the polymer of vinyl chloride monomers. PVC is a white or pale yellow powdered resin with a density of about 1. 4, chlorine content in 56% to 58% or so. Different plasticizers and stabilizers can be added to PVC resins to produce different hard PVC and soft PVC. PVC itself is a linear polymer, because the molecules are attractive to each other, bind closely and firmly, so that the polymer chain can not move freely, so the texture is hard.How to judge the quality of nylon tube When the resin is not added with or less (less than 10%) plasticizer, the result is a hard PVC. Hard PVC density, acid, alkali and corrosion-resistant excellent performance, so commonly used as chemical equipment pipe and construction sheet, such as floors, ceilings and so on.

When more plasticizers are added to the resin, soft PVC can be made, and the more plasticizers are added, the softer the plastic. Soft PVC has elasticity, can be foldable, light resistant, water-resistant, oxidizing resistance, so commonly used to make film and wire foreskin. In daily life, most of the PVC products are soft PVC, such as the use of PVC made of artificial leather is widely used in clothing, footwear, suitcases, leather bags and so on.

If foaming agents are added to PVC plastic, foam can be made. It has light quality, insulation insulation, sound proof and other excellent performance, widely used in shoemaking, building materials, ships and aircraft manufacturing and other industries.

Nylon polyamide, commonly known as Polyamide (PA), is a thermoplastic resin general name for the molecular main chain containing repeated amide groups - (NHCO). Includes fatty PA, fat-aromatic PA and aromatic PA. Among them, the fatty pa varieties, large yield, widely used, its naming by the synthetic monomer specific number of carbon atoms.



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