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What is the purpose of PE pipe planting in greenhouse?

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What is the purpose of PE pipe planting in greenhouse?

At present, various kinds of greenhouses and vegetable greenhouses in China have begun to popularize various irrigation methods based on pipeline irrigation, including pipeline irrigation directly, drip irrigation and micro-sprinkler irrigation, which have the advantages of saving water, saving work, and so on. Infiltration irrigation and other advanced irrigation methods. In addition, in order to meet the needs of greenhouse environment or special cultivation of crops, spraying, tidal irrigation, hydroponics irrigation and other irrigation methods have also been applied in various greenhouses. In order to select the greenhouse irrigation mode correctly, it is necessary to understand the composition of greenhouse irrigation system and the corresponding supporting equipment of various irrigation methods.

overhead air hose

When irrigation equipment is used to irrigate the greenhouse, the irrigation water is extracted from the water source and treated with proper pressure, purification, filtration, etc., and the irrigation equipment is fed into the field irrigation equipment by the water conveyance pipe. Finally, the greenhouse field irrigation equipment was used to irrigate the crops. A complete greenhouse irrigation system usually consists of five parts: the water source, the first hub, the water supply network, the field irrigation system, and the automatic control equipment.

The water supply network transfers the pressure water treated by the first hub to the irrigation units in the greenhouse as required for irrigation through field irrigation equipment. The water supply network is generally composed of a main pipe and a branch two-stage pipeline. The main pipe is the main water supply pipe directly connected to the first hub, and the branch pipe is connected with the main pipe to supply water to the irrigation units in the greenhouse. General main and branch pipes should be buried below the ground depth to facilitate field operations. The main and branch pipes in greenhouse irrigation system are usually made of rigid PVC (UPVC), soft polyethylene (PE) and other agricultural plastic pipes.

Field irrigation systems are composed of emitters and field water supply pipes, sometimes including field fertilization equipment, field filters, control valves and other key equipment in the field.

The routine inspection and maintenance of hose micro-irrigation facilities is not only an important part of maintenance management, but also an important link to ensure that the facilities are in a good state of operation, and prolong the service life of the equipment. The pump shall be repaired and maintained in accordance with the operation rules of the pump. In winter use, pay attention to prevent cold water pump. It is also important to maintain the hose during micro-irrigation. Rinse the hose thoroughly, rinse the residue and sediment. When flushing, open the end of the hose with the end of the head or plug. After applying fertilizer and taking medicine, always pour the water into the pipe for a period of time. After each crop irrigation period is over, rinse with water and remove the hose from the pedestal. The hose should then be rolled up to a plate in a cool, dry storage room and prevent rats from being damaged for next use.

The traditional irrigation method is to observe the crop growth condition and the weather condition manually, and when irrigation is needed, the irrigation valve can be manually opened or the irrigation water pump is switched on for irrigation, and the irrigation method has the advantages of low working efficiency and high labor intensity, and is more and more incapable of meeting the requirements of the production of the modern greenhouse. With the progress of the technology, the modern intelligent greenhouse irrigation system has begun to popularize and apply various kinds of irrigation automatic control equipment, such as using the automatic water supply system of the pressure tank or the variable-frequency constant-pressure water supply system to control the operation state of the water pump, So that the intelligent greenhouse irrigation system can obtain the irrigation water of the stable pressure and the flow rate, and the operation and the management of the field irrigation system are greatly reduced. And if the time controller is adopted to cooperate with the electric valve or the electromagnetic valve, the irrigation units in the intelligent greenhouse can be automatically and quantitatively irrigated according to the preset program. The invention also utilizes the soil moisture meter to be matched with the electric valve or the electromagnetic valve and the controller, so that the real-time irrigation can be carried out according to the water content of the soil.



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