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What is the main difference between PU tube and PE trachea?

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What is the main difference between PU tube and PE trachea?

PE material is polyethylene, is the largest variety of plastic materials, it is composed of polyethylene polymer materials. It is basically divided into two categories: low density polyethylene LDPE (low strength), and high density polyethylene HDPE. PE materials are divided into five classes according to internationally uniform standards: PE32, PE40, PE63, PE80 and PE100. The production of PE pipes for water supply pipes is high density polyethylene HDPE, with a rating of PE80 and PE100 (mrS, abbreviated by Minimum Required Strength according to minimum required strength). THE MRS OF PE80 IS 8MPA AND THE MRS OF PE100 IS 10MPA. MRS refers to the pressure intensity of the tube's ring-bound tensile (the calculated value is tested according to international standards).

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There are acid-resistant PU, but PVDF is better, special requirements recommend the use of this class

PU trachea product characteristics

Plastic polyamine material, in line with ROHS environmental protection requirements; 2, high elasticity: small bending radius so that THE PU tube can pass through the dense space; 3, anti-knoting: than other plastic tubes have a better anti-knot effect; 4, the return plasticity of the variation: can withstand duplication; 5, wear and tear: long use period, suitable for easy environment; 6, 6, Low gas permeability: reduce the problem of penetration and pollution; 7, anti-soluble solubility is good: no solvent will leak and therefore will not pollute the environment; 8, low compression: maintain excellent physicality; 9, broad resistance: chemicals, water, fuel, oil and bacteria have a certain resistance.

PU tube has excellent high pressure, vibration resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, weather resistance, wind resistance, wind and wind performance, light; THE PU TUBE IS EASY AND FLEXIBLE TO USE, IT IS CONVENIENT FOR THE CLOTH TUBE OPERATION, AND THE ACCURACY OF THE INNER AND OUTER DIAMETER IS HIGH; PU tube flexible, durable, flexible, easy to use, has excellent temperature insulation and superior random bending performance!PE tube has medium density polyethylene tube and high density polyethylene tube. According to the wall thickness is divided into SDR11 and SDR17.6 series. The former is suitable for the delivery of gas-state artificial gas, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, the latter is mainly used to transport natural gas. Compared with steel pipe, the construction process is simple, has a certain degree of flexibility, more importantly is not used as anti-corrosion treatment, will save a lot of process. Disadvantages on the device is not as good as steel pipe, the construction of special attention to the safe spacing of thermal heating, and can not be exposed to the air sunlight, and sensitive to chemicals, to prevent leakage of sewage pipedamage



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