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What are the characteristics and main uses of spiral tube products we don't know?

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What are the characteristics and main applications of spiral tube products that we don't know?

Spiral trachea product traits:

1) excellent flexibility and chemical properties.

2)It has accurate earthquake resistance.

3) mild weight.

4) The stress loss is small.

5) The hardness is constant.

6) The operating strain is 1.eight times better than that of single-layer PU tube.

7) The carrier existence is greater than 2 instances so long as the single-layer PU tube.

8) Non-toxic, tasteless.

9) observe ROHS environmental safety necessities.

10) good elasticity, clean to expand, smooth to apply and store space.

product utilization

business robot, Pneumatic gear, meeting plant pneumatic gear. stress conveying pipe. Water and different fluids. vehicle renovation and house painting. Technical


polyether type-PUR

materials: polyurethane / polyester line fluids: air, water, different fluid environments and fluid temperatures:-20 ℃-70 ℃


appropriate for mining, agriculture and water conservancy, civil engineering, meals, petroleum, chemical, and many others. Vacuum suction powder, particles, conveying water, oil, chemical materials, meals, and so forth., high go with the flow price very abrasive gravel, crushed stone, pleasant particles, useless glass and chips, gasoline and liquid environment, silo transport, high glide price very abrasive gravel, overwhelmed stone, first-class debris, vain glass and chips, gasoline and liquid surroundings, silo transportation transport, glass, wharf, metal works, mines, shipyards, cement flowers, and so forth. shipping pipes, while hard protecting pipe. It has a extensive range of applications in fields of farmland irrigation, mining, oil depots, sand extraction, sand blasting, meals, medicinal drug and indoor gasoline, powder, dust absorption and emission. This product is an alternative choice to %, rubber, steel pipes.

properties: pressure and vacuum resistance very smooth materials, top chemical resistance; food grade compliance with 200272E flame retardant UL-ninety four-V2 bending radius approximately identical to the external diameter of the release of static energy (in line with BGR-132fmerly ZH 1200) Spiral filaments are connected to the floor.

structure: coated with inflexible elastic copper-plated metal twine on the pipe wall: unique top polyether type-PUR, approximately 0.9MM wall thickness clean, more than 10 instances better than the general percent hose rubber pipe wear resistance;

Temperature variety: approximately-forty ranges to a hundred twenty five ranges for a quick time frame approximately 150 stages.



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