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How to stack spiral trachea correctly?

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How to stack spiral trachea correctly?

1) Spiral trachea open-air stacking, below must have wooden mat or strip stone, the stacker surface needs to be slightly inclined, in order to facilitate the drainage, and pay attention to the material placement straightness, prevent the bending deformation.

2) The principle of the spiral pipe pile code is that the material of different varieties can be stacked according to the varieties and specifications on the premise that the stacking is firm and safe, and the materials of different varieties are respectively stacked, the stirring and the mutual erosion are prevented, and the issue loading can also be facilitated.

3) It is forbidden to store items that have an erosion function on the spiral air pipe around the spiral pipe cribbing.

4) The bottom of the spiral pipe stack shall be high, firm and flat to prevent the material from being damp or deformed.

5) The same materials are stacked in stock according to the receipt sequence.

6) the stacking height of spiral trachea is not more than 1.2 m for manual work, 1.5 m for mechanical work, and 2.5 m for stacker width.

7) there should be a certain passageway between the pallets and pallets. The inspection channel is generally 0.5 m, depending on the size of the material and the transport machinery, and generally 1.5 × 2. Omm.

8) the cushion of the bottom of the stacker is high, if the warehouse is the cement floor facing the sun, the cushion height is 0.1 m, and if the floor is mud, it must be placed at a height of 0.2 m / 0.5 m. If it is an open-air field, the cement floor cushion is 0. 3-0. 5 m high, and the sand-mud surface pad height is 0. 5-0. 7 m.

The above is the correct stacking principle of spiral trachea, in order to ensure the quality of spiral trachea, must be stacked according to the principle.



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