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How to maintain the spiral trachea?

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How to maintain the spiral trachea?

Nylon tubes are widely used in chemical machinery, anti-corrosion equipment, gears and parts. Wear parts, transmission structural parts, household appliance parts, automobile manufacturing parts, screw rods to preventmechanical parts, chemical machinery parts, chemical equipment, etc.

Spiral pneumatic hose

The processing of the spiral tracheal transmission stability involves the control of the pressure of the conveyor on the two sides of the cylinder. If the pressure control is not good, it will not only affect the normal use of the spiral tube, but also have a great impact on other work in the later stage.

We say that the control of this pressure is mainly carried out by a tool called an electric contact pressure gauge, which also requires specific operations in accordance with the relevant pressure indicators.

The next step is the index control of the weld joint, which is also carried out by means of special instruments. The spiral air pipe, accurate metric can better guarantee the range of this joint within our welding standards, so for the spiral Mature standardization of the tube process is necessary.

The equipment for internal welding and external welding of spiral air pipes is also in conformity with the specifications, so as to better ensure the stability and firmness of the welding, and the production of spiral air pipes can better ensure the safety of the use of spiral air pipes.

pu tube pipe

Spiral air pipes are widely used and are often used in industrial transportation pipelines, such as oil and natural gas transportation, all using spiral tubes. Our factory sells spiral tubes of various sizes and sizes. You are welcome to purchase them. Here are the maintenance methods for spiral air tubes.

In order to ensure the safety and stability of the spiral air pipe transportation process, the spiral air pipe can be properly maintained. The spiral air pipe maintenance method is as follows: after the spiral air pipe is used, the spiral pipe is cleaned, but the water cannot be used, and the solvent is applied. The emulsion is used to clean the steel surface of the spiral air pipe so that the oil, grease, dust, smoothing agent and organic matter can be washed.

Then, maybe you can't help but ask, if you don't have these solvents, how can you achieve the effect of spiral tracheal maintenance? If there is no solvent or emulsion, you can use acid instead, the same effect as solvent and emulsion. .

The surface of the spiral trachea is prone to rust, so it should be noticed during use. How to remove the rust? Use sandpaper to polish the outer surface of the spiral trachea to remove loose or raised scale, rust and welding slag.



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