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How should PVC pipe buy to rest assured?

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How should PVC pipe buy to rest assured?

When decorating and laying wires, most families use buried wiring. This way to use flame retardant pvc pipe, because the price of pvc pipe than ordinary pipe per meter is five or six yuan more expensive, many owners buy more than ordinary plastic thin pipe, the use of this pipe once the wire leakage, does not play a role in fire prevention. Many families use a large number of flammable materials such as wood, cloth and so on as interior decoration materials, often without fire prevention treatment, sealing up the ugly power switch in the room with cabinets or decorative frames, etc. These are fire safety hazards. 

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`Rigid polyvinyl chloride pipe for water supply PVC-U water supply pipe, PVC resin as the main raw material, adding special additives, through extruder extrusion molding. However, it is required to adopt sanitary grade PVC resin powder with low (VCM) residue per unit of vinyl chloride and thermal stabilization system with non-toxic or low toxicity (organotin or low lead content) in order to ensure the hygiene of the tube. VCM is a carcinogen. In our country, the residue of VCM in health grade PVC resin is no more than 5 × 10 × 6. Lead is a kind of accumulative toxin, especially for young children (under 6 years old), fetus and pregnant women.

 Different from PVC-U drain And the pressure resistance of the PVC-U water supply pipe can be the main mechanical index of the PVC-U water supply pipe, the existing mechanical equipment factors which influence the pressure resistance of the pipe are influenced, the raw materials and the formula factors are also taken into consideration, and the corresponding adjustment of the process is also to be taken into consideration. Such as the gap between the extruding screw rod and the barrel is not too large, the larger feeding amount and the larg  r compression ratio, a reasonable formula is designed, and the corresponding reasonable process adjustment is carried out, and the plasticizing degree is controlled to be between 60 and 70 percent. 

Although the rigidity of the PVC-U water supply pipe is large, the low-temperature pressure-resistant performance is excellent, the stress of the pressure-resistant ring at the temperature of 20 DEG C can be more than 36 MPa, The largest amount of pipe is used, but its high temperature pressure resistance is very poor, so it can only be used in cold water or low temperature hot water piping system below 45 ℃.



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