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How do I select and maintain hoses?

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How do I select and maintain hoses?

Choice of pneumatic hoses: When choosing pneumatic hoses, pay attention to the following four aspects:

How to select hoses

1. Pipe material: PU tube, nylon tube, etc.

2. The inner and outer diameter dimensions of the tube: the outer diameter of the tube is used as the size of the tube, commonly known as the "pass diameter". It is not the same as the commonly referred to as the general track, users should pay special attention to the purchase.

3. The uniformity of the wall thickness of the pipe, the uneven tube is easy to leak when working.

4. The wall thickness of the tube should be considered in the form of the fitting used to select the hose, the use of clamp fittings and tie-sleeve fittings should pay attention to the inner diameter dimensions of the tube;

In general, the service life of plastic pipe is very long, but usually also need to pay attention to maintenance and maintenance, today we first understand the plastic tube insulation and anti-corrosion measures.

If the plastic tube is used for a long time, the wind duct that destroys the galvanized layer should be removed from rust brushing the galvanized paint. And all the angle of iron flange support hanger brush Changdan two, Minglu part of the paint color to be coordinated with the decoration color, bright installation of non-insulated plastic tube surface brush and paint two, color according to the surrounding decoration color matching use.

The wind pipe parts of the plastic pipe and the support hangers of the equipment and the steel components on the basis of the steel components, should be in descaling, rust-proof primer two, exposed parts should be painted two more.



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