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Do you know about the characteristics of nylon tubes?

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 Do you know about the characteristics of nylon tubes?

With the development of the automobile industry and the electronic electrical equipment, the higher the demand of the nylon, it is a structural material, has the characteristics of compression resistance, heat resistance and the like, and is widely applied to the industries such as the mechanical parts, the textile, the transportation equipment, the paper making machinery, the electric equipment, the automobile and the like, And plays a key role.

nylon tubes

I'm familiar with the nylon pipe. I'll show you the characteristics of the nylon pipe today.

Nylon pipe characteristics: oil resistance is more than 5 times higher than rubber pipe, compared with the same size rubber pipe has higher pressure capacity and lower pipe weight. Nylon pipes generally use high-quality polyurethane elastomer material, its wear resistance is 3 times higher than rubber pipe, known as wear-resistant king. Nylon tubes are made of nylon materials of different grades and are suitable for normal operation at temperatures of minus forty and one hundred and twenty degrees, with strong flexibility

The nylon tube has the advantages of better chemical resistance and stronger corrosion resistance. The nylon tube is an environment-friendly high-performance hose. Whether it is processed or applied, its reliable and environment-friendly performance is favored by users. The inner wall of the nylon tube is as smooth as the mirror surface, not only does not pollute the medium, but also is not polluted by the medium; the power transmission loss is smaller and the efficiency is higher

Nylon tubes do not change due to their long service life. Nylon pipe anti-friction, pressure loss is about 30% smaller than steel pipe, can choose smaller caliber than steel pipe. Good hygiene performance, no additives, no possibility of contamination of drinking water, under normal working temperature and pressure conditions, nylon pipe service life of more than 50 years. The wear resistance of the slurry is more than four times higher than that of the steel pipe, no heavy metal salt stabilizer is added in the processing, no toxicity, no scaling, no bacteria breeding, and the secondary pollution problem of the drinking water in the city is well solved.

Moreover, the strength of the hot melt or electric fusion interface of nylon pipe is higher than that of the base metal itself, and the connection will not be broken due to the action of soil movement or load. The pipeline is light in weight, simple in welding process, convenient in construction and low in overall engineering cost, so it can be laid without excavation.



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