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Do PVC reinforced hoses contain plasticizers?

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Do PVC reinforced hoses contain plasticizers?

PVC reinforced hoses are common, whether in the chemical, coal, petroleum, medical devices and other manufacturing industries, or home applications are very common (e.g. gas pipelines, solar water pipes). Many people think that PVC-enhanced hose contains plasticizer, harmful to the human body can cause cancer, in fact, this is not right.PVC

MOST PVC REINFORCED HOSES ARE PLASTICIZERS AND OTHER HARMLESS ADDITIVES. Special industries (petrochemicals), require solvent resistance, climate resistance, etc. to add plasticizer enhancer performance. And now the PVC reinforced hose used in the raw material PVC is the focus, but PVC reinforced tube performance structure is stable, strong mechanical performance, acid-base corrosion resistance and other not easy to degrade, is a low-toxic products. The regulations of national production safety standards clearly stipulate that PVC reinforced hoses shall not be used in the transportation and processing industries such as food, drinking water and liquor, except after special treatment.

And PVC is mainly dissolved by organic solvents and other degradation, general household use will not cause harm to the human body. And Canming PVC enhanced hose using non-toxic plasticizer, more stable structure, the use of more secure, can be said to be safe and assured products, which is Shanghai's Canming based on the industry's leading key.



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